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Design done for you

in just one week!

Accelerate the launch of your branding, web design, or marketing without the headache.



Skip the long drawn-out process of emails, scheduling and reviewing with a week dedicated just to YOU

Say Goodbye To…

Waiting months to get started

Long timelines when you need a quick turn-around

Emailing back and forth to make decisions

Say Hello To…

Starting your project in just a few weeks

Having everything you need by the end of that week!

A beautiful end result for an affordable price

What can be done in a week?

Logo + Brand Guide

Create or refresh your brand identity, including a logo suite and brand tear-sheet based on your brand attributes with colors, fonts and mood images

Website Design

Create or redesign a custom website baded on your brand’s unique goals.

(up to 5-7 pages per week)

Social Media Marketing

Create or update your social media, which may include a content plan and graphic templates.

Design Punchlist

Let’s tackle that punch list of design, website, or marketing tasks you need completed. 

Have Something Else In Mind?

Just ask! I’m happy to work with you on a wide variety of projects!

“I loved working with Sydnea! In addition to her technical expertise, she was able to help me create just the feel I was looking for!

She has great aesthetic instincts and is right on top of visual trends. It was great fun a and I learns a lot working with her.”




Kick-off strategy call before our week together

One week of my time, dedicated to your designs

Access to my Unlock Your Brand Guide and pre-work

Launch Day call to walkthrough final deliverables

30 days of post-design support (for questions/tech issues)


This price is only valid until October 1, 2023

Still not quite sure if this model is for you?
Schedule a FREE Clarity Call on Zoom

We Know How to Turn Your Vision Into Beautiful Designs That Convert


You can have peace of mind knowing we’re branding experts who have helped dozens of brands bring their visions to life! Needless to say, we’ve got our strategy and processes streamlined so well that we can complete your project done in ONE WEEK!


How does it work?

Step 1: Secure Your Week

Choose a week from the calendar below that works best for you, keeping in mind your prep-work to complete (brand workbook, copy, gathering logins, assets, etc.) You’ll fill out the intake form and complete your deposit.

Step 2: Onboarding

After booking you’ll receive my onboarding e-mail. This includes all of your pre-work to collect your info, plus a link to book your pre-intensive kick-off strategy call.

Step 3: Kick-off Strategy Call

This happens the week before your scheduled intensive. During this strategy call, we will review your vision for the project, walk through your completed pre-work booklets so we can walk away with a clear action plan for our week.

Step 4: VIP Design Week

This is the week! During this week we will communicate via a messaging app to get the project done. At the end of every day, you’ll receive any drafts or updates that we didn’t get to review during the day for you to take the evening to consider. You’ll have the evening to consider and submit any changes so that we can start the next day strong moving forward to the finish line.

Step 5: Launch Call!

The Friday of our scheduled week, we will have one last call to wrap up the project! You’ll be walked through the deliverables and be able to ask any immediate questions.

Step 6: Post intensive support

You’ll receive 30 days of follow up e-mail support that you can reach out if you find yourself confused or stuck on anything we accomplished!

It’s important to note that when you schedule a VIP Design Week, you are booking me for the WEEK, not a set of deliverables.

I am pretty darn good at what I do and I’ve created a streamlined and efficient system that allows us to achieve maximum results in minimum time. However, the amount we can accomplish depends on how quickly you respond with your feedback throughout the week and complete the prep work beforehand. Please keep this in mind when selecting your date.

Design intensive timeline

Pre-Intensive Kick-Off Call!

You’re kick-off call will the Friday before your Scheduled Design Week. On this call we will go through all of your completed pre-intensive homework.

Design Week!

This is our get it done week! From Monday-Thursday we will be in communication throughout the day to get your project completed! On Friday, I’ll wrap up the project in prepration for our Launch Call.

Completed Project Launch Call!

The Friday of our Design Week we will have your Launch Call. During this call we will review the completed project and answer any remaining questions.

Book Your VIP Design Intensive

When you book an intensive, you are reserving the whole week for me to work exclusively for you!

When you book below you select the Monday of your Design week.  Don’t worry about the 12am selection time shown for all the Mondays in the scheduler, as we will not be meeting at that time!

Just make sure you are available to respond to my messages throughout the week.
I.E. don’t book a week when you will be on vacation!

If you’re not sure if a VIP Design Intensive Week is the right solution for you, you can book a free Discovery call with me where we discuss your goals to see if it will be a good fit.